We represent contemporary artists who break convention and visualise the visceral. With a commitment to freedom of expression, GLIMPSES platform contemporary work in online and physical spaces with disruptive showcasing; inviting the viewer’s gaze onto an intimate encounter with who and what we are. We seek to build a community which brings together diversity and harmony in a world which must be challenged through anti-censorship.

reclaiming community

GLIMPSES was founded by a group of diverse curators with a radical aim to create autonomous representation for artists. We support how their vision is portrayed and commercialised, whilst also offering financial partnership into the wider platform.


diverse, experiential curation

In a globally influenced and technologically advancing world, GLIMPSES gives contemporary art the platform to show viewers an expansive window into society. With a nomadic approach, we create unique pop-up exhibitions curated through the lens of ‘immersive transience’ throughout Europe and the UK. Our focus is on creating ritual experiences for the viewer, however fleeting the sight may be.


for freedom of expression

Censorship today is driven by the limitations of artificial intelligence, contributing to the vast erasure of artists and their work. No human can monitor the amount of content being produced every day, but no machine can distinguish between what is genuinely unsafe, what is offensive and what is challenging. And what is art when it loses the opportunity to be provocative?



Our inaugural exhibition brought together more than 30 international artists and their unique art practice, whose work ranges from photography, painting, drawing and sculpture to digital art. The exhibition consists of more than 90% women and non-binary artists and focuses on the exploration of identity from a non-normative perspective. The joint curators Auronda Scalera and Lidia Ravviso, in collaboration with the designer Andres Ros Roto, have created a show wherein design, lighting, A/V interactions, and the exhibition’s narrative concur to deliver an emotional and sensory art experience.

The gallery showcased more than 90 artworks, split into four areas as steps of the curational journey, and reflected in different design layouts, soundscapes and materials. Through the unapologetic artists’ gazes that Glimpses brings together, we are invited to reflect on how art can offer us a transformative reflection on ourselves – we are what we see – towards a fluid conception of body, intimacy and identity and celebrate freedom of expression – we see what we are.

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GLIMPSES artistic direction is led by Lidia Ravviso, senior creative with an extensive background in films as film director, writer and post-producer. Her film practice has been addressed in publications, talks and academic panels. As a curator, she’s passionate about creating a space where artists can express themselves without censorship.

The curatorial team is led by Auronda Scalera, an established art advisor who has worked for Venice Biennale, Paris Photo and Sotheby’s, with a longstanding experience directing and supporting galleries and private art collections. She directs the Infinity Art Museum.

Joint Glimpses curators Lidia Ravviso and Auronda Scalera said: “It is incredibly exciting to finally announce our upcoming London exhibition and the debut of the Glimpses model. We have curated an impressive collection of artworks and are thrilled to showcase the many talented artists who have taken part in questioning convention and censorship. We hope the exhibition will stimulate and challenge visitors and help give them a new perspective on what identity means to them.”

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