Emily Hana

Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1990, Australian multimedia artist Emily Hana explores the concept of light as a three-dimensional material; Her work observes how light can affect our perception of and interaction with the space and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Hana’s current practice explores themes of returning to your body and healing after trauma, facing yourself and learning to befriend these places of discomfort.

Throughout the last two years, Hana has been interested in the gentrification of London’s warehouse and creative districts, documenting how we turn things we see as ‘dirty’ or ‘dilapidated’ into polished objects of desire, barely recognisable from the original.

Hana has exhibited work in London and Europe, including shows at Bermondsey Project Space, London (2022); Stour Galleries, London (2022); Open House Hackney, London (2021); Vittoria Wharf, London (2018); and 4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam (2016).