Jaana Kristiina Alakoski

Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski is a Swedish cross-disciplinary artist working in installation, drawing, digital drawing, photography and fictive writing under the umbrella of performance. Her performances as well as static work employs imaginative strategies from the realm of sci-fi and fantasy, centering play and participation as a means of breaking blockages between art and audience, audience and artist, artist and art.

Recent exhibitions and performances include NAHCO at Močvara Gallery, Zagreb (2022); Peter Piper Pigged A Pickled Pepper at Fitzrovia Gallery, London (2022); and Hotel Selection at Celsius Projects, Malmö (2022). Upcoming exhibitions include a second iteration of her performance In, to be staged at Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, and two shows by the off-site curatorial project Kruger in Stockholm and 11 Newel Gallery, New York.